life after re-birth


Joy is what happens to us when
we allow ourselves to recognize
how good things really are.
……Marianne Williamson

remembering….no, it’s actually more like reintegrating…..our childhood graces….those magical little spaces of pure pleasure….simply because we were ‘in the moment’……may we reconnect to these touchstones throughout our lives…..especially when we forget……

Only mystery allows us to live, only mystery.

……Federico García Lorca

inquiry as intriguing fantasia…..

There is no death, no birth, only transformation.
Nothing is lost . . .
Continue making connections with all the good
things around, you will see that the outside world
is brighter and more beautiful than before, because
you have put an end to forgetfulness and have lit
the lamp of mindfulness. You have begun again
to be nourished by what is wonderful in life.
…..Thich Nhat Hanh

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