it is here, right where it’s always been


If you wish to be a mine of jewels,

open the deep ocean within your Heart.

when we can’t remember where we left our hearts, may we pause and not assume that others have lost theirs too nor that we have lost our way…..

In the absence of presence there is only that repetitive mental noise and part of that mental noise is the story of me. It’s the problematic story that is hoping that at some point in the future that it will no longer be problematic not realizing that what it calls ‘future’ has no actual existence……. Eckhart Tolle

listening with deeper care

How do we stop living an unexamined or overly examined life to discover the treasures of purpose? Stop betraying yourself. Allow yourself or start to be open to changing, doing, saying and thinking things that feel right. Put yourself into positions where you can feel, sense and connect with your self-worth and stop doing things that constrict, restrict and disconnect you from who you are. Allow yourself to feel valued without having to seek external approval. Allow yourself to not feel psychically and unhealthily drained by what you do in life. Every choice, every action will either drain or deplete your spirit, so choose wisely and intuitively — and know who you are doing what you are doing for. Recognize how you change and what has been revealed as a result of your efforts. Plus one, minus one. Two steps forward, one step back. Notice your resistance, your broken record and repetitive patterns that take you back and back and back. Keep inviting the possibility of creating space around thoughts and beliefs that make you feel restricted (relax your inner organs). Softly and gently surrender to the wisdom of who and what you are…..Tanya Lee Markul

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