a fire in the belly of soul

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To invite creativity in, we have to embrace that lonesome quiet and see it as a nourishing force of our practice. There is a creativity that keeps us and our projects evolving. From time to time we may feel alone in the process, but in taking one step at a time, we will be led to a new part of our path. One movement is a dance into the next. The symbolism of Shiva Nataraja, the ongoing dance in our life, includes the continual creativity in all fields of our lives. Shakti, the creative force, is flowing through us with the dancing Shiva. Everything keeps changing throughout time and space, a symbol of the blissful dance of Shiva. Shakti also flows through our set-up concepts, plans, proposals and ideas that come up in our creative work. Ananda Tandava, the dance of Shiva, refers to the cycles of creation, destruction and manifestation in this work. On one foot, Shiva dances, and with one hand, reveals the parts we need for the next step. The other hand conceals, while the lifted foot rises, gesturing the graceful and inspiring moments that happen while we are dancing. This dance is an allegory of five principal manifestations of our creative energy: creation/evolution, preservation/support, destruction/evolution, illusion and release/revelation/grace. These manifestations call us to question: What is concealed in my creative practice right now? What is revealed, what is destroyed, what is sustained? What am I creating right now, tomorrow, this week…? We catch an idea for a project and have that A-ha feeling in unexpected moments. But suddenly this feeling of the A-ha moment can be lost again. If it is truly of importance and will add to the project, it will find its way back. Maybe a little different than before, but the broader concept will return. These are the unexpected outcomes and surprises in our creative process. Your creative endeavors are important because they shift and transform our world while healing, transforming and inspiring others. We need to reconfigure each part of our creative practice by staying committed to honor and allow reorganization as part of raising those creative babies. One is revealed, another is concealed. As one part falls away, a new one suddenly appears. It is unpredictable. That is why it is called creativity. Keep on dancing and others will join you in support. The Ananda Tandava is the dance of our creative rebellion and one that we do not dance alone, as we need to meet the right people who support our unfolding projects. No matter what we conceive, birth is easier if we take part together. We are connected through our endeavors and no creative dream or vision is excluded from the party. We may dance alone or dance together. Just as we may choose to dance alone at home or with others at show. But ultimately when we loosen our grips, we fall into the masterpieces. ….Stefanie Honeder

the sacred attention rooted in creativity is illuminated in our everyday and humble acts of living and being…..this expression of deep imagination heals, enlivens, and returns us home again and again……

Say alchemy to most people and they will say, “Turn metal into gold.” Yet what Paracelsus and the alchemists wanted was to make themselves the living gold. The treasure without moth or rust, spirit (pneuma) unalloyed…..Jeanette Winterson

color & groove

Hildegard teaches that when we give birth and awaken, the Holy Spirit works through us to “resurrect and awaken everything that is.” This is, indeed the Spirit’s work- to awaken all things. That is the artist’s work also: to resurrect and awaken all that is and all we perceive. The artist does this first by waking up oneself to what is. In this way, we wake up to being, we awaken to what is and its great depth and mystery. The artist teaches us to behold- to hold being, to hold being in respect, even in reverence, to hold being as something sacred, as something alive and imbued with Spirit’s intentions and love……Matthew Fox

2 thoughts on “a fire in the belly of soul

  1. Love this and your creative illustration….we create in stillness, yet all of life flows through in the moment. ❤

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