through the mirror

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When your mind collapses inward and falls into the void,
and when the void falls into itself,
there is no return.
It is finished.

Why does the world exist?
Because emptiness dances, because it is wild,
because it endlessly gives birth.

When you finally arrive at the true Oneness,

not even the Oneness remains;

neither is it absent.

When emptiness is still, that is eternity.
When it moves, that is love.


when we lay down and let it all wash over us, we finally know the heart…know who we are…….may we resist no more…..

There are some unappreciated advantages to aging. The very frailty of age guards its secrets. To many people you become irrelevant, which gives you more time to do inner work. Francis, a resident in a nursing home, wrote to me, “Lack of physical strength keeps me inactive and often silent. They call me senile. Senility is a convenient peg on which to hang nonconformity. A new set of faculties seems to be coming into operation. I seem to be waking to a larger world of wonderment – to catch little glimpses of the immensity and diversity of creation. More than at any other time of my life, I seem to be aware of the beauties of our spinning planet and the sky above. Old age is sharpening my awareness.”

It is interesting to see how aging can work to one’s advantage spiritually. I used to go to Burma to sit in meditation. I’d go into a cell. I’d just sit down – no books, no television, no computers, no one to talk to. I’d just sit and go inward. I’d go into as quiet a place as I could find. Just look at what happens when you get old. You lose your hearing, you lose your sight, you can’t move around so well, you slow down. What an ideal time to meditate. If any message is clear, that’s it. Yet we treat aging as an error or a failing.

That distortion comes from defining ourselves in terms of doing instead of being. But behind all the doings, all the roles, you just are – pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure energy. When you reside fully in the present moment, you are outside of time and space.

Trungpa Rinpoche notes, “Our lives awaken through ordinary magic.” It’s in everyday things that the miraculous happens. If we practice being here now, we develop the sensitivity to perceive and appreciate the daily miracles of our lives…..Ram Dass

There is mercy in a drenching rain

Washing the dust and dog crap away,

Leaving trees and city freshly cleansed.

There is mercy in a raging storm

Ravaging the coast and removing all

The sailors’ wine bottles and Twinkie wrappers.

There is mercy in ripping, rending pain

In the agony of separation and unanswerable questions

Removing all the etiquette, false smiles and

Untried, politic assumptions about reality,

Leaving truth and love and laughter and God in its wake.

…Sylvia Bennett

2 thoughts on “through the mirror

  1. There is a divine intimacy to surrender – the giving up of pretense, the taking in of truth….windows thrown open and set to face the moon. A giving up of all, of nothing………of the faintest belief that we’ve missed anything at all. ❤

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