from the heart of perspective



Only from the heart can you touch the sky.


may we float down rainbows, a current as colorful and vibrant as the biggest heart… kind as our highest self… deep as the well of our love for each other……

We must not give up. It takes so much time to heal because we are not just healing our own wounds – we are healing the world’s wounds, too. We think we are alone with our ‘stuff’, but we aren’t. With every clearing of our emotional debris, with every foray into a healthier way of being, with every excavation and release of old material, we heal the collective heart. So many of our familial and karmic ancestors had little opportunity to heal their pains. When we heal, their spirits breathe a sigh of relief. We heal them backwards, while healing ourselves forward. We heal in unison……Jeff Brown

where did I leave you behind?

The beauty of souls laid bare is that we are then all naked at once, together, our sameness and our differences revealed in the glory of the truth of us….B. Nur Cheyene

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