an eloquent, echoing call


Beautiful thoughts and ugly thoughts, all arise and cease in awareness, and yet awareness remains unmoved…..Kittisaro

sometimes, the day calls for the deepest quiet…..without the figuring-it-all-out that we usually lean into wholeheartedly….some days require a significant shift in perception…..a stark, almost desolate landscape where inner courage can seep in unexpectedly…..

It would be a supreme accomplishment to live in close communion with my careful watchful core. To do what it says. To be careful when it says be careful. To nourish it with woods and silence when it asks to be nourished. To nurture those friendships, relationships it guides me to; to avoid those it asks me to avoid. To tune into guidance that comes to me in senses and colors, guidance that I can’t put into words, but that I can feel……Roderick MacIver

crystalline moments

I soon realized that no journey carries
one far unless, as it extends into the
world around us, it goes an equal
distance into the world within.……Lillian Smith

2 thoughts on “an eloquent, echoing call

  1. Like dreams those moments of universal consciousness flash through and are gone, yet leave an unmistakable knowing of presence that endures and assures that the work has been fruitful, and though the journey feels long time is only presence, not past or future … May your day find you there …

    • concepts of time and future find me longing for space and new dreams…..defining self awareness then becomes a place of knowing rather than another self deprecating goal……

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