the opposite of attainment

1-Pics for Blog Edits203

Awareness is like the sun.
When it shines on things
they are transformed.
……Thich Nhat Hanh

loving these exquisite draws toward all that is innocent and filled with the whole and the sacred….all at once we are moved to hush our repeated promises… can we revive our quiet hope?

Every human being has a tornado just beneath the skin…we are meant to live our dreams so that we can discover that natural force within us that blows constriction away…..Tama Kieves

invisible love

In my innocence and naivete

I thought I could follow

your flashing footsteps

over oceans and past moons.

I had many loves before

and a heart strong with trials

so when your face appeared

I was sure I could follow.

But you turned out to be a god

and your standard of faith so high.

Watching from the shore of eternity

I knew I could not follow.

Still, I am alive in your sea;

your love swims in my heart.

What can I do but want you.

What can I do but follow.

….John Wold

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