under the turbulence


Mostly we are caught in a storm of activity. For we live in the world, and are always drawn above and below and in between. Yet when we can stop talking, when we can stop mapping the chatter in our minds, when we can descend into the wordless current of being, we start to ‘see’ Oneness. Helpful as this is, it is not enough. When we can summon the courage not to run back to the surface prematurely, we begin to ‘sense and feel’ Oneness. When we can spend enough time below the noise of the world, even though we have to return, we might even say that, form time to time, we live in the unspoken. Then we might be blessed to ‘experience’ Oneness……Mark Nepo

it’s not about spaciousness or being perfectly quiet or knowing how to drop in….it’s about being with whatever is happening…..the bravery needed to be with all the messy bits comes from trust and breathing into the uglies……this is where the flowers shine….

Resting In What Is

I rest in sacred presence,

not seeking meaning or

essence, just resting in

what is. The power of

this stuns me- to rest

awareness on the One

is like holding the sun

in my bare hands.

Instead of being burned

I feel a surge of energy.

Whenever I trace longing,

love or prayer back to its

first impulse, there it is,

inviting me to rest, filling

me with wholeness and

contentment as if the

sun has risen in my soul,

and nothing else exists

but this.

…..Danna Faulds

oh so deep in the quiet

You are the vast blueness of the sky, and thoughts are just like clouds hovering around you, filling you. But the gaps exist, the sky exists. To have a glimpse of the sky is Satori, and to become the sky is Samadhi….Osho

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