giving our truth, the only truth we can know


We must not,

in trying to think about how we can make a big difference,

ignore the small daily differences we can make which,

over time, add up to big differences

that we often cannot foresee.

….Marian Wright Edelman

there is an envisioning heart that responds to what is needed….beyond ego, beyond fear….directly in tune to grace…..these kinds of truths are intuited and deconstructed from our stories……..

To embrace the future, the dark, you make. Making is a letting go of your own stuff into the world, of the ideas and offspring that the breeze of time takes away as though you were a dry dandelion, a thistle, a milkweed, a poplar whose seeds travel in the winds of time, in this way that wind makes love to flowers and seeds, in this way that time tears them apart and carries them onward. The white ghosts of those seeds travel forward in time and land when the wind ceases to bear them up and then only maybe to take root and start the story over again, or another story……Rebecca Solnit

finding our gifts

The best gift requires little of the recipient. The giver doesn’t say, “I worked hard to bring you this gift; you must love it, use it, embrace it. You must be grateful to me in recompense for how much I put into this gift. This gift controls you.” Of course not. The best gift is accompanied by, “Here, I made this. Do with it what you will.” When you overstate the obligation of the audience, of course they’ll let you down, and when they do, you don’t have to show up again. What a great excuse to stop making your art, to hide. It’s not your turn to win, or your turn to be picked, or even your turn to be guaranteed gratitude. It’s merely your turn to give a gift……Seth Godin

6 thoughts on “giving our truth, the only truth we can know

  1. The greatest blessing in giving is letting go, whether sharing our bounty, or our lives. A parent gives the gift of life to the child, and must let go of it, otherwise suffering returns through the attachment … May your hands feel free from holding on today, on this Equinox …

    • we know we are passing through when there is no hiding from the authenticity of letting go…..gut wrenching, heart dropping completeness……then the light moves in……

  2. Reblogged this on Laughter: Carbonated Grace and commented:
    I was considering giving up blogging. Or at least about anything serious, to just stick with being comic relief. Your post shed light on the ego problem and the temptations that go with it. Everything in the post spoke to my “condition.” I’m reblogging the post. Thank you so very much for it. Eileen

  3. timely post for me; I am finding what my gifts truly are. What a great excuse to stop making your art, to hide. It’s not your turn to win, or your turn to be picked, or even your turn to be guaranteed gratitude.” A lesson indeed.
    Let go, be free to share your gift.

    • such power in not being attached to the outcome… the prayer of letting it all go to Source…..I do the work but cannot hold it for judging…..may the beauty of freedom find you…..

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