to consider ourselves grown up on the inside

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Pilgrim Soul- We tend to focus on, and speak about the soul life of an individual in terms of spiritual comfort and deep nourishment, qualities which are a central, and abiding dynamic of its presence, but the equally unsettling and disturbing quality about this strange, often wild and courageous faculty of belonging inside us we have come to name ‘the soul’ is its ruthless, and almost tidal wish to find its own way to a full union with the world. The soul is a planner’s nightmare, the career counselor’s central surprise, the biographer’s conundrum, an internal abiding spring that is both a source and a continual unstoppable flow, an internal stranger at the door of our outer life about to break everything apart and leave; a pilgrim suddenly more in love with the horizon than its home; and most disturbingly, someone who is willing to fail, often spectacularly, at their own life rather than succeed drably, at someone else’s…..David Whyte

the authentic voice is not authentic without a vulnerability that can gauge the patterns of the heart….coming undone is highly underrated… with the experience….and be with it again….

Just as an acorn contains in its unconscious the dream of the oak tree and that dream expresses the coming into being of the oak tree, we have inside of us unlived potentials.

All other species have a more or less objective pattern of development that could be described as their growth, but the characteristic of human beings is that we reach a point where our continued growth depends upon our relationship with ourselves, with our inner world. What makes it so elusive is that it has to happen from the inside………Ira Progoff

no right way

There are barricades around the heart asking to be breached.

Sooner or later we all run out of excuses for staying small and safe.

….Danna Faulds

4 thoughts on “to consider ourselves grown up on the inside

  1. There is, certainly, no right way, only The Way, and since we have no roots beneath our feet, are we not also soul travelers? Our seed make of us a body in the realm of experience, yet there is a seed atom that contains all of the hopes and dreams, of of the potentials of our souls expression … Why do we hide ?

    • we really can only move into the deep unknown of our existence…..the knowing that we can only honor our heart path…’s the knowing of deep trust……may our fear be softened g.f.s….

  2. I feel that women know this best……….that sometimes the only way to get where you’re going is to forget where you came from, with no real map to follow home. Somehow, the heart remembers and the porch still is bathed in the light we left behind. ❤

    • oh, I love this…..many times I have been better by leaving it all behind…….then I am clear……so many signs and friends along the way…..I am in awe of these gifts when I remember…..

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