the sacred & the kinesthetic


You have to learn to
recognize your own depth.
…..Joseph Campbell

this experience of being human, as wide as the ancient wind…..where peace and unimaginable blessings ensue through the changeling beingness of our days……

See with every turning day,
how each season wants to make
a child of you again, wants you to become
a seeker after rainfall and birdsong,
watch how it weathers you to a testing
in the tried and true, tells you
with each falling leaf, to leave and slip away,
even from the branch that held you,
to go when you need to, to be courageous,
to be like that last word you’d want to say
before you leave the world.

Above all, be alone with it all,
a hiving off, a corner of silence
amidst the noise, refuse to talk
even to yourself, and stay in this place
until the current of the story
is strong enough to float you out.

…..David Whyte

Identifying with soul rather than ego, one is drawn first into relationship and ultimately into union with Spirit. When we think of soul as individualized Spirit, a separate entity that we imagine can be separated from its Source, we too have fallen into the illusion that soul is anything other than a manifestation of Spirit in action. The awakened soul recognizes its true nature as Spirit. When self as soul seems to be divorced from Spirit and becomes identified exclusively with the phenomenal world, it suffers the pain of separation, not realizing that this world of shadows reflects our projections. Mystics of all traditions who have described the dissolution of the soul in Spirit agree on the supreme identity of Self as Spirit. The deep structures of consciousness that differentiate body, mind, soul and spirit are universal. Human beings everywhere create concepts, rules and rituals that bring the individual into relationship with Spirit and connect the personal to the transpersonal realms of experience. While the mind generates ideas about soul and Spirit, the awakened soul directly intuits Spirits as its own essence…..Frances Vaughan

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