while life is moving



I started to feel that there was something else moving, and it carried a feeling of “something’s not complete”- even though everything in my experience felt whole and undivided. So to have this feeling that something was not quite done or complete was very odd. Usually, when we have that feeling, our mind interprets it as if there’s something more that I have to find, there’s something I have to seek, something that’s not totally understood. But this feeling of very subtle incompleteness wasn’t like that at all. It was more like an intuition that there was more to come- not necessarily more freedom or more enlightenment or more anything in particular, but there was another layer of unfolding that I didn’t yet understand. And then, bit by bit, it began to reveal itself. I began to realize that our spiritual unfolding doesn’t really have a goal called “awakening” or “enlightenment.” There’s not an end point. To spiritually awaken or become enlightened is actually something that allows another movement to happen- and another and another and anther. Spiritual awakening is the ground from which a whole new movement of spirit starts to occur, and that new movement that comes out of our own sense of freedom is what I call “awakening into our true autonomy.”…..Adyashanti

cleansing our lives with reasoning, contemplating the whole, consciously choosing…….this may be ideal love, to surrender into fear and plunging into the dark and finding light, precious light….

Taking the risk to see is refreshing. It relaxes our lens of insecurity until we can see the world without us as its center. Only then will the world speak to us. Otherwise, it will quietly or noisily just mirror back our own needs and habits of insecurity, just as water will simply reflect our faces if we don’t wait long enough to see through its ripples. For getting attention keeps us self-centered, and staying self-centered makes us seek mirrors in the world. And getting, selfing, and mirroring don’t ever let us truly experience the world. More often that not, the tension of seeing involves waiting for things to open up. Or, rather, waiting until we slow enough for our habits to soften and then we open up……Mark Nepo

nestled in fear

Our will is only a gusting wind.


2 thoughts on “while life is moving

  1. Riding a quantum wave into the future causes the wave of a relativistic past to flow closer and closer to the future we are dreaming into being … Let there be light …!

    • one of our finest moments is to be a witness to our own courage…..fierce humility…..no past….let there be shadows too……

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