intervene with silent knowing


Lying in this place, under heaven, the weight of the light coming from the stars pins me to the earth as surely as a butterfly is pinned to a display box. Lying here in this place, on this spot, affixed yet floating, I submit to the law of silence that seals the earth as love letter and sends it hurtling through space on its mysterious mission. Lying on the earth, glued to its grassy skin by the sweat of my own body, I obey the weight of silence pressing me closer to the envelope. Lying in the silence of necessity, I complete the emblematic. Separation is the myth, isolation the unreal. A distinct and utter Yes is spoken by this silence that resonates in and around all that I am, permeating everything from atoms to organs, from Adam to resurrection. Lying silently, Silence silences my incessant questions and bathes them in the soothing stream of silence. I am cleansed…..Cheryl Sanders-Sardello

identities intertwined…..anchored, inhabited, and completely honest……..we ripple through our lives as living experiences….as vivid memories….and stalwart expectations…….may we find simple practices to alleviate all that stuns possibility……

The most basic experience of Silence is intimacy. We feel an intimacy with the world, as if we are within everything around us rather than behind or alongside things that we are then looking at. this mantle of touch brings us to the living truth of our being. We know who we are in a completely non-self conscious way. We feel how we, in our individuality, are part of a vast and mysterious world process. And when we cultivate Silence to the point that we are consciously within it rather than imagining that it is in us, we cannot be other than we are. Silence keeps us intimately bound with the truth of our being, constantly conveying to us in a bodily way that our individual and unique presence as soul, spirit, and body intermingles with the world and, at the same time, lives a free and independent existence…….Robert Sardello

what may serve?

God writes spiritual Mysteries on your Heart,
where they wait silently for Discovery.


2 thoughts on “intervene with silent knowing

  1. In silence our ears open to the music of the spheres, the singing of the waters, whose notes are written on the heart. Creation becomes a moment and an eternity as we blend into the dance of life …

    • silence holds me, haunts me, and digs deep into me……listening is required, but I often want to catapult beyond… move more slowly is where I am……

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