how we transition in our tribe

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People change and forget to tell each other.

……Lillian Hellman

where are our beginnings, our endings, the links to who we are and to who we will become?

Imagine that you are really old. Let’s say you’re 90. From that time in the future, you can look back on yourself now. then you’ll know what was really going on now and even how things turned out. You may also know how they might have turned out if you had taken a different path. From that vantage point, was this present point in your life a time when it was a good idea to keep on in the same direction, or was it a time that cried out for change. Looking back from age 90, did you notice signs that pointed to the direction you ought to have taken at this point in your life, signs that may have been hard to see but that were there? Do you, at 90, wish you could have encouraged your present self to take more risks? Or do you wish you could have the present you wake up and see all that you already possessed and not risk it for something that was just ego candy? Imagine what your old body will feel like in whatever position you are in right now. How will you spend your days? When you have let your imagination sketch out that world, try going back to any of the earlier questions that didn’t seem answerable at the time, and let the 90 year old person who lives in that world answer the question. Remember, you know more than you think you know…….William Bridges

no escape

Wu Wei is not passively doing nothing, but rather knowing when to act and when not to act. The goal of Wu Wei is to achieve a state of spontaneous alignment with the Tao, and, as a result, obtain a perfect form of supple and invisible power. Taoism recognizes that the universe works harmoniously in its own ways; as humans put forth their will against the world they interrupt the existing harmony. This is not to say that we ought not to exert our will to act. Rather it is knowing whether, when, and how to act in relation to natural processes.Wu Wei has also been interpreted as the art of letting be, or creative quietude. This does not mean a laziness of action or a dullness of the mind; rather it is an alert and effortless determination to obey the rules of the Way.
……Qiguang Zhao

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