transforming into blissness

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Ecstasy assumes the place of the scattered and external pleasure of the mind- or rather it draws all other delight into it and transforms by a marvelous alchemy the mind’s and heart’s feelings…..Sri Aurobindo

transforming our desires from need to bliss…..a lifetime of subtle discernment and a little magic…..we are as profound as we can imagine……

At transpersonal levels, conventional norms and guidelines become less helpful. Spiritual practitioners begin to realize that they must rely more on their own judgment and sense of what is appropriate and pleasurable. They increasingly turn inward to contact their own feelings to see what truly want and what will bring true satisfaction. By following these deeper desires, we come to a wonderfully liberating realization: What we most truly and deeply want is what is best for us and the world. We discover that our deepest desires are healthy and altruistic, and that to do what is most deeply satisfying is to follow, and ultimately to find, our bliss. Bliss is infinitely more than the feeling of pleasure. Bliss is a taste of our spiritual nature. To follow our bliss is therefore to do what best expresses and opens us to our true nature and its Source. All of us face the pleasant challenge of finding out what gives us more profound satisfaction and making this a larger part of our lives…..Roger Walsh

to practice freedom

Where your treasure is,

there will your heart be also.


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