calling in grace


Your life, my life, just a small speck, a tiny offering, in the grand scheme of everything. Trust that despite your ignorance, despite all of your conditioning and hardships, despite the dark collective shadow that covers significant masses of our existence on this planet, you are meant to be here as you. This experience is not in vain. You do have the ability to release pain, to transform the darkest parts of you into the deepest offering of healing, nourishment and transformation- for you, for those around you and for all life forms. Make forgiving those around you, the world, the smallest sacrifice. Tap deeply into life. Invite the possibility of transforming the darkest aspects of you into something that is malleable and something that is allowed to be released. ~Tanya Lee Markul

do you remember how to find awe within your mundane day-to-day smallness? do you remember to look at the sky? do you remember to find ease? do you remember who you are?

Life is short, but also long, and at any point you can change direction. Listen to your gut feeling. Anxiety means you need time to settle before making a decision. Falling in love is like falling through space, you will know it when you feel it. Tell the truth because it feels better, lies create holes in the heart. Feel the earth with bareness; it is the greatest grounding gift- let the sand slip through your fingers and the icy waters splash over you feet. Let the pebbles feel your pain and wash it away. Fill your life with people who support and inspire you. Guilt, shame, and remorse do not belong in your vocabulary. Do the right thing for no other reason than because it is the right thing. What matters today may not matter as much tomorrow. Do not overly focus on it. ~Sarah Voldeng

gracious & free

Radiance belongs to being considered precisely as beautiful;

it is, in being, that which catches the eye,

or the ear, or the mind,

and makes us want to perceive it again.

~Etienne Gilson

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