the uglies that define us

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It can be easy to see the sacred spark in all things when we encounter beauty that is aesthetically pleasing- the grandeur of a sunset, the glow in a child’s eyes, reflections of light on the water. It can be more difficult when circumstances are not so pleasing, or even horrible. James O’Dea spoke to us of people he’d met through his previous work at Amnesty International, individuals who’d been tortured, yet still managed to maintain their awareness of the sacred beauty that infuses the world. “What depths of the human spirit are revealed in these places of darkness! And that seems to suggest that the beauty is what lasts. And somehow, even in the grossest of places, beauty reveals itself to humanity, and if we can attune ourselves to that beauty, we may find our way through.” ~Marilyn Mandala Schlitz

we know beauty not through its perfect expression but by its inner qualities….its way of uplifting us in surprising ways…

Transformative practice helps us begin to tell the story of our life. As we grow more intimate with things as they are, we begin to notice the glory of God in each one. Meditation just makes it easier to remember what God, your self, and all of life are about. Love the Lord your God, your heart, mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. It’s all right there, there’s nothing else really. That’s why we are here. That’s why we do this practice. Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever, that’s why people gather to worship and practice- the abundant life wants to be known! It’s the way we need to live together, to weave the tapestry of life that allows the universe to express itself.  ~David Parks-Ramage

to resist what is true

Bring as much consciousness as you can to bear on everything. Go into your despair, for your power is there. Everyone finds a way of being that is appropriate for them.  ~Ralph Metzner

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