dragging ourselves from within

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To acknowledge that “I am this body” is not to reduce the mystery of my yearnings and fluid thoughts to a set of mechanisms, or my “self” to a determinate robot. Rather it is to affirm the uncanniness of this physical form. It is not to lock up awareness within the density of a closed ad bounded object, for as we shall see, the boundaries of a living body are open and indeterminate; more like membranes than barriers, they define a surface of metamorphosis and exchange. The breathing, sensing body draws its sustenance and its very substance from the soils, plants, and elements that surround it; it continually contributes itself, in turn, to the air to the composting earth, to the nourishment of insects and oak trees and squirrels, ceaselessly spreading out of itself as well as breathing the world into itself, so that it is very difficult to discern, at any moment, precisely where this living body begins and where it ends. Far from restricting my access to things and to the world, the body is my very means of entering into relation with all things.  ~David Abram

when we speak without language, we nourish silence and boundaries with a weightless resonance…….may we live more fluidly between the complexity of expression and an intangible world…….

We violate probability, by our nature
The gift of life
Randomness united for a brief while
Then our borrowings dissipate back into the primordial soup.

The question is why
For what purpose?
The purpose that lives down deep, in our unconscious?
To express our uniqueness?
To manifest our interior beauty?
Or to catch electrons at the moment of their excitement
By solar photons?
~Rod MacIver

noble gifts

If prayer is pure and untainted,

surely that holy breath

that rises from your lips

will join with the breath of heaven

that is always flowing

into you from above-

Thus that part of God

which is within you

is reunited with its source.

~Rabbi Shim

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