when we run away from the heart


We don’t have to go anywhere to obtain the truth.
We only need to be still and things will reveal
themselves in the clear water of our heart.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

remember how all of our quirky little shadows are really rays of light…..healing the messiness of the world…….

“On the first night of my seven-year-old daughter, Alexandra’s, first Buddhist retreat, Thich Nhat Hanh smiled and looked into her eyes as few adults ever look at children. Although he sat very still on a stage, the Vietnamese teacher seemed to bow to her inwardly, offering her his full presence and inviting her to be who she really is.
Alexandra threw her jacket over her head.
“Children look like flowers,” said the man who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King Jr., in 1967. His voice was soft and bittersweet. “Their faces look like flowers, their eyes, their ears…’”

~Tracy Cochran

the discarded rays of sunshine

This world is amazing & you’ll forget that again & again your whole life. But if you remember more than you forget, you’ll be fine.

~Brian Andreas

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