how to be free

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A first step towards reawakening respect for your inner life may be to become aware of your private collage of dead names you have for your inner life. Often, the experiences of wilderness can return us to the nameless wildness within. Sometime, go away to a wild place on your own. Leave your name and the grid of intentions and projects and images which mark you out as citizen Z. Leave it all, and just let yourself slip back into the rhythms of your intimate wildness. You will be surprised at the lost terrains, wells, and mountains that you will rediscover, territories which have been buried under well-meant but dead names. To go beyond confinement is to rediscover yourself. ~John O’Donohue

where do we settle our changing, shifting attention? how do we sense an accurate and graceful solution?

Most of our daily thoughts are chatter. Chatter entertains, distracts, and often convinces us that we are something and someone we really aren’t. As I taught myself to take the bold step of stepping over and under the veil of the mind’s incessant chatter, I discovered silence. Now I wonder why I didn’t take this trip before. Noise, chatter, and entertainment all contribute to sustaining spiritual white noise that succeeds in divorcing us from the silence which is the context for spiritual reflection and growth. All the things that seem to divide us are passed over, left behind- until we arrive as individual, sentient beings at a collective spiritual nakedness before the great abyss. We are challenged to come clean. Our ideas are shattered and our identity rescued.  ~Daniel Medina

the vast fabric of nature

Naikan reflection is based on 3 questions. What have I received from______? What have I given to _______? What troubles and difficulties have I caused _______? These questions provide a foundation for reflecting on all relationships, including those with parents, friends, teachers, siblings, work associates, children, and partners. You can reflect on a specific period of time, one day or a holiday visit to your family. The questions themselves seem rather simple. They are. the depth of experience, insight, and realization that can come from the practice of self-reflection is not a result of intellectual analysis or complex theories. Our challenge is to just see reality as it is. These questions are simple inquiries for our investigation of life’s mysteries and miracles. ~Gregg Krech

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