the muse- contained


The goal is not for the weak. It is not for those who remain on the surface or for those who give up easily. Nor is it for those who are content with little, or those who think they already have the solution. The goal is discovery. It may be another goal along another Way, but the same principle applies. In order to reach a goal one must use all one’s resources. One must neither be distracted or give up. One must struggle with passion and challenge the impossible. And all this means discipline. This is how creativity happens- when the mind is fertile; when everything is seen as having value and each event is welcomed as an opportunity; when strange and unforseen accidents are met with confidence; when the unpredictable dance of life, rather than causing fear or annoyance, stimulates interest; and when there is always a why to ask, always a game to play.  ~Piero Ferrucci

when we become aware of all that surrounds us, we may let go of tension, witness, return, and dive in deeper to the experience at hand…..from here, we create…….

There was a Chinese philosopher named Zhuangzi. He dreamed that he was a butterfly and he was flying around and dancing. When he awoke from the dream, he wasn’t sure whether it was Zhuangzi who dreamed he was a butterfly, or if it was a butterfly that dreamed he was Zhuangzi. This is an amazing story. Was it a dream or reality? Is this a dream or reality? To make a work of art that shows what else a subject is, you have to let go of your ideas and open yourself to see beyond the obvious or ordinary. It means allowing the subject to reveal its multiple facets. What is the reality of the person? What is the dream that Zhunagzi spoke of? This practice is designed to help you express that dream through your art, to see the dream/nondream, reality/nonreality as unity. ~John Daido Loori

pour your heart out

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,

you must first invent the universe.

~Carl Sagan

2 thoughts on “the muse- contained

  1. We define reality through our process of thought and expression into dimensionality… When in truth what we perceive is only the echoes of vibration through our senses by our brain, we believe our reality is the only one … Whereas it is OUR only reality, each and every one of us possesses … Do we live in a universe or multiverse? Depends on where one is looking …

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