a little magic


When we follow the deepest longing
that comes in the quiet moments,
the moments when we aren’t trying or running or worrying,
the moments when we are truly with ourselves,
we are guided to that which feeds our being,
to that which helps us truly be with others
to that which heals the broken places in the world.

No one else can give us permission to do this, to be ourselves,
to offer who we are- in all our magnificence and messiness- to the world.

That permission part- it’s an inside job.

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

there may be nothing quite so precious as an ideal that invites us to be our best selves…..to follow our longing and our heart’s desire to lift from our roots and to heal……may this season call us to be whole…….

It is no coincidence that the root word of whole, health, heal, and holy is “hale” (as in, to be hale and hearty). When we heal, we become whole- we are holy. During the holiday season, it is important to open to the healing forces and natural states of grace that allow us to be hale and hearty once again. The author Madeleine L’Engle reminds us, “The marvelous thing is that this holiness is nothing we can earn.We don’t become holy by acquiring merit badges and Brownie points. It has nothing to do with virtue or job descriptions or morality. It is nothing we can do, in this do-it-yourself world, It is gift, sheer gift, waiting there to be recognized and received. We do not have to be qualified to be holy. We do not have to be qualified to be whole, or healed.” It can be easy to get caught up in the frantic energy of shopping, festivities, and travel this month. resolve instead to approach the season in a balanced way, to nourish your health and allow your whole self to be present to the holy days and nights.  ~Angeles Arrien

Christmas is not an eternal event at all,

but a piece of one’s home

that one carries in one’s heart.

~Freya Stark

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