how will you know?



Our subjectivity is our true home, our natural state, and our necessary place of refuge and renewal. It is the font of creativity, the stage for imagination, the drafting table for planning, and the ultimate heart of our fears and hopes, our sorrows and satisfactions.   ~James Bugental

what is held back? what remains? what part of us holds the process of wonder- while simply allowing it to flow, alighting nowhere?

All our journeys begin as human journeys. It is only later that they become consciously spiritual. It is a central truth that God became part of the human family. That is always where God is to be found.   ~Anthony Padavano

when presence glistens

Spirit flows through our hands like a current through a stream. It is life-giving, light-filled power that pours out of us in our purest moments of love and compassion. And yet we hold back. We hold back tenderness, we hold back our power, we doubt our own ability to work miracles though Jesus himself said, “Any of the works I have done, you can do and more.” It is our history that is holding us back- old voices, old ways- while today, this hour, this moment calls to us, “Wake up now! Everything, everything is in your hands.”   ~Jan Phillips

2 thoughts on “how will you know?

  1. Sad to think that most people believe that we have not evolved spiritually in 2000 plus years. That we are today no more spiritual that in the days of Rome. I saw the movies Spotlight this past weekend, and was struck by how people cling to their belief in the sanctity of the church, how they refuse to see the truth that men of God could perpetuate wrong doing. They believe so strongly in their God, above all things, even government. It seems as though they feel if they were to accept the truth they would be giving up their last vestige of hope in a means for salvation … It is a sad state of affairs our consciousness resides in …

    • clarity through discernment……and where does hope lead us or distract us? we cannot find our way without love…….your values shine g.f.s……

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