cue from the gut


When you accept the state of being a stranger, you are no longer a stranger. I have been an exile when everything around me seemed strange and everybody was a stranger. Once I accepted that I didn’t have to belong and I didn’t have to be part of the world, then I was free to be part of it. There was a paradoxical release of the spirit. The world became mine when I was no longer holding on to it.  ~Satish Kumar

whatever practice holds us, we lean into life a little more deeply, a little more kindly, a little more fully……not well, not right, not pretty…..but real and deep…….

Self trust is more than merely trusting yourself. It’s that quality of being that arises when you realize you did not create yourself, that you are an expression of the creative God Force, and that there is an underlying spiritual orderliness to all things you are a part of. In trusting yourself, therefore, you are not trusting “you,” you are trusting that deeper essence that is the source of you. Trusting yourself then becomes the most intimate way of trusting the universe and the most obvious demonstration of that greater trust.   ~Erich Schiffmann

from where you cannot go

Practice is not about being perfect. It’s about being yourself. It’s about getting past your lines of defense to find the soft, chewy, sweet center. It’s about being able to be with yourself when you’re in the pits and when you’re off the wall giddy. It’s about noticing what you do to try to escape, and what works to settle in. It’s about gaining a broad spectrum of experience as a human being in a body, so you can connect more with other human beings in their full experience of themselves in a body.  ~Jay Fields

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