suspended in stars


Bring the stars in.

Let a tree’s needle-stitched skirt

conifer-clothe the room.

Lying prone on the floor,

the fir’s hardwood cousin,

become small again.

Slip beneath this ribboned

ruffle of boughs

into the gift the world is.

Be one of them,

bright and rapt

and waiting.

Live inside that:

the space between root and star,

a secret and its telling.

~Daniel Skach-Mills

for all that is hidden in the darkest night of us… we know to connect the dots is an amazing certainty…..for all that is hidden in our hearts……we know how to love…..

inquiry for today~ consider your relationship to prayer….loaded with assumptions? stigmas? solace?

within the deep

Without prayer, the best you can do is know by comparison, calculation, and from the limited viewpoint of “you.” Prayer knows reality in a totally different way. Instead of presenting a guarded self to the moment, true prayer stops defending or promoting its ideas and feelings, lets go of any antagonistic attitudes or fears, and waits for, expects, and receives guidance from Another. It offers itself “nakedly” to the now, so that your inner and aroused lover can meet the Lover. Prayer is about changing you, not about changing God. You start knowing through, with, and in Somebody Else. Your little “I Am” becomes “We Are.”   ~Richard Rohr


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