When listening to another person, don’t just listen with your mind, listen with your whole body. Feel the energy field of your inner body as you listen. That takes attention away from thinking and creates a still space that enables you to truly listen without the mind interfering. You’re giving the other person space- space to be. It is the most precious gift that you can give. Being in touch with your inner body creates a clear space of no-mind within which the relationship can flower.  ~Eckhart Tolle

we are not flawed…..and our loved ones really do love us….we have so many thorns and brambles in between us…..just a few…..remember to speak like rain, like light, with care…..

inquiry for today~ what needs to be seen to ease your thorny path?

open the garden gate

When we see the secret beauty of anyone, including ourselves, we see past our judgment and fear into the core of who we truly are- not an entrapped self but the radiance of goodness. As our trust in our basic goodness deepens, we are able to express our love and creativity more fully in the world. Rather than second-guessing ourselves, rather than being paralyzed by self-doubt, we can honor and respond to the promptings that arise from that goodness. In a similar way, when we trust the goodness in others, we become a mirror to help them trust themselves. We are free to love each other, and the whole of life, without holding back.  ~Tara Brach

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