who says? who decides?


Don’t listen to those who stir you up.

Don’t listen to others who put you to sleep.

Respect them all. Thank them all.

Then remember, there is a bird singing only you can hear.

~Jack Kornfield

when did we forget who we are? how can we continually question and then honor the answers?

inquiry for today~ consider those little practices that balance, protect and feed…..then check in to what is balanced, what is protected, and what is fed……

having visions

Some of us wonder, more than others, why we lose it. Temporarily lose our balance, ourselves, our peace, our will, simply who we are.

I’ve lost it. myself, my confidence, my balance, my calmness, my security, my love, my passion, my sense of belonging. All in one week. It seems to be a ripple effect.

So, what now? It’s up to me. I belong somewhere else. Somewhere I can charge my soul in wildflowers, and pour over love and light to people around me.

Finding your equation. The ever-changing equation you create as a conscious being, to survive. Yoga, mindfulness, Epsom salt baths, breathing, being barefoot as much as possible, tea, self-love, meyer-lemon water after you open your eyes in the morning, and lavender oil on your soles before you dream… repetition of these things.

Adding and subtracting as you support yourself over time.

I am vouching, here and now, lost relationship or my forever love: whatever happens, I choose to harvest my own garden, of authentic joy and gratitude. It might take a conscious effort every single day to stop my mind and bring it back home. But that fight is worth it.

~Erica Fowler


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