muddy soul ground

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When you learn to navigate your difficulties with compassion and grace, you will also discover that joy will return.   ~Jack Kornfield

allow the heart to seize its cold underpinnings of uncertainty and toss them under the dawn…..its a new day……

inquiry for today~ listen to the visions that come from the heart……remember that they flit and foray into shadows…….follow……

to respect the collective

Our essence, what is real in us, speaks in whispers. It is often hidden beneath well-constructed personalities. We are a mixture of essence and personality. Yet, we see certain ways of being, certain interests, certain ways of expressing ourselves, certain ways of interacting with the world and others, that we can call our own. These inner conditions have a different ring. They are resonant. They sound true. They feel more right. According to the Dalai Lama, what’s needed is an education of the heart. What the heart sees may be invisible to the eyes. We need to cultivate a relationship to a vision that incorporates the resonant wisdom of the body, the sensitive knowing of the heart, and the penetrating insights of the depth mind: together as a single holistic form of understanding. Everything we see in the world has a dual reality: what it is and what it means to us. We have both a conscious and unconscious response to all that we perceive. True integration comes when the rational mind and the unconscious integrate under the lamp of consciousness, and when our essential self begins to make its appearance through the cracks of the dominance of our conditioned personality. What characterizes these moments of awareness and illuminating vision? There are degrees of heightened awareness—awakening may be less like a lamp that instantly turns on and off, and more like the rising run, which gradually spreads its rays over the welcoming earth. Like the sun toward the earth, we may bear witness to ourselves. We strive toward a connection to the organic energies of the body, a state of relaxation, an awareness of the breath and the heartbeat, a witnessing of the thoughts, associations, and emotional reactions coming and going . . . and the growing presence of an inner stillness, which brings in its wake a deeper awareness.

Can we be more open, more relaxed, permeable and receptive to a widening stream of invisible influences; present to our own existence and to a deepening contact with the currents of a subtle reality?

~David Ulrich

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