where is the shift?

4-Pics for Blog Edits403

In the deepest recesses of your deeper being is a spark of pure aliveness. What obscures your spark? How might you better reveal the glow without judgment and with compassion and respect? And out beyond your farthest grasp is a star that calls you. What obscures our star? How can your star guide you to build a life of health, courage, dignity, love, and purpose? The spiritual journey- the journey of total aliveness- is both a letting go of everything and a reaching out well beyond your grasp. Finding your North Star is a practice for reaching out in such a way that the gravity of your star becomes inexorable- pulling into your dreams.  ~Stephen Kiesling

where there is movement, there is hope…..

inquiry for today~  how are you showing up today…..hope? little bit of hope?

are you here?

I know you’re tired, but come. This is the way.


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