this space of time


I think we would be able to live in this world more peacefully if our spirituality were to come from looking not just into infinity but very closely at the world around us- and appreciating its depth and divinity.  ~Thomas Moore

well into this life-mentored study……can you sense a shift or a question or a misunderstanding bubbling up?

inquiry for today~  what are you nourishing from the inside out? what can you hold with a little more ease?

for those fragmented days

To nourish the soul is to nourish this Spiritualist, this highest part of yourself. Doing so means that our vision of life becomes more expansive. We find that the things that preoccupied us, such as the emphasis on the body- on what it can accomplish, what it looks like, how it compares to others, whether it smells right, whether it’s insured, whether it’s balding, what color its hair is and whether or not it’s falling out, how wrinkled the skin is- become less important.  As you begin to leave these concerns behind, you are able to cultivate a part of yourself that I call the Witness. As a Witness, you begin to discover that you are not that which you have been observing; you are not those things that you have been noticing about your body. Instead, you are the noticer.  ~Wayne Dyer

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