waiting for help


Where do we go to become wise? Concentration and clear perception sharpen awareness and recognize skillful choices and actions. The net result is a mind less burdened by the past, less clouded by craving, more focused and clear, and able to penetrate deeply and understand profoundly. The mind becomes an agile instrument for developing wisdom. Wisdom is born of paradox. If we would be wise, we must first recognize that we are not. The recognition that we don’t know is more than an insight into ourselves; it is an invaluable insight into reality. The universe is so incomprehensibly vast, life so inconceivably profound, and our minds so relatively limited that our lives and the universe are a great and wondrous mystery.  ~Roger Walsh

when you have lived through and beyond your spiritual ideal, it may mean it’s not an ideal anymore….

inquiry for today~  when you let go of the need to know, what do you lean into? what is normal if nothing is the same anymore? how can the mystery still be a mystery?

From wonder into wonder

Existence opens

~Lao Tsu

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