soul in a box


The world can be cut any way you like, but the inclination of Western culture has been to cut it in two: spirit and matter, mind and body, God and nature, sacred and secular and so on, it seems, forever. But the platonic tradition describes a third realm, which neither Christianity nor science allow. This third realm, both mediating between the two halves of the world yet maintaining distinctions between them, is the realm of the soul. It is neither spiritual or material, neither inner nor outer, etc., but always ambiguous, always both—and. It is “subtle” or “breath-body” which, Proteus like, can take on any shape.   ~Patrick Harpur

and then you remembered who you really were, and the road shifted and your house became a mystery of encouragement and change…..

inquiry for today~  what little realities shift and tilt when you see yourself in the world as if for the first time?

dreaming out of the box

The first function of mythology—myths and mystical rituals, sacred songs and ceremonial dances—is to awaken in the individual a sense of awe, wonder, and participation in the inscrutable mystery of being.   ~Joseph Campbell


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