the distance from home


What we fear most is that we will be denied the opportunity to fulfill our true potential.      ~Dan Pallotta

there was never such a poignant moment as the one when you remembered from where you came and then felt the distance to where you are going…..

inquiry for today~  what is the dream that fades little by little? what loss allows you to hold the dream a little closer?

I left you there

But your loss brought you here
to walk under one name and to walk
under one name only, and to find the guise
under which all loss can live;
remember, you were given that name
every day along the way, remember,
you were greeted as such,
and treated as such,
and you needed no other name.

Other people seemed to know you
even before you gave up
being a shadow on the road
and came into the light,
even before you sat down,
broke bread and drank wine,
wiped the wind-tears from your eyes:
Pilgrim they called you again and again. Pilgrim.

~David Whyte

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