when you wake up


When you get hooked into emotional reactivity, an opportunity has come to cleanse your perception.

From the perspective of wholeness, triggers are a special form of grace. Not the sort of grace that is sweet, peaceful, and calming, but the kind that is wrathful, fierce, and reorganizing.

When it gets tight, claustrophobic, and you are burning for relief, the invitation is laid before you. To lay down a new pathway. To turn into the disturbing energy and flood it with presence. To infuse the vulnerability underneath the storyline with warm, empathic attunement.

And with the earth as your witness, to commit to the radical path of non-abandonment.

These triggers are not obstacles to your path, but are the very path itself. While they may disturb you, they are eruptions of creativity and aliveness, and guardians at the threshold. In this way, they are worthy of your honor, your care, and your holding.

While it may appear otherwise, they are only love in disguise, appearing in infinite forms to guide you home.

~Matt Licata

when we care enough to not leave ourselves behind, to not push it all under the rug, to listen in instead of tuning out, we begin to unravel, to flourish, to soften….

inquiry for today~  don’t worry so much about the details of how or why or why not…..continue to be with- without fixing…..

All she wanted

was to find a place to stretch her bones

A place to lengthen her smiles

and spread her hair

A place where her legs could walk

without cutting and bruising

A place unchained

She was born out of ocean breath.

I reminded her;

Stop pouring so much of yourself

into hearts that have no room for themselves

Do not thin yourself

Be vast

You do do not bring the ocean to the river.

~Tapiwa Mugabe

2 thoughts on “when you wake up

  1. The first part really says it for me. Struggling as I currently am with several heart breaking issues, I have already experienced the grace of entering fully into the experience. We don’t need to try to spare ourselves or those we love suffering, because it is there on that cross that we die and are reborn.

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