to create alignment

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Receptive people, sensitive people, are imaginative people. Those who can see the greenery of the trees, just without any aggression on their part, not even a subtle aggression on their part- who can just drink the greenery of the trees, who can simply absorb it as if they are sponges- they become very creative, they become very imaginative. These are the poets, the painters, the dancers, the musicians- they absorb the universe in deep receptivity and then they pour whatsoever they have absorbed into their imagination. Imagination is the one faculty you have that comes closest to God. First you become receptive and then you become creative. And once you have dropped your ego, you become so flexible that whatsoever you imagine will happen. Then your imagination will become your reality.   ~Osho

you are huddled in a dream…longing and filled with expectations……you stumble and shift again and again….this is your life…….an invitation to be filled with light….

inquiry for today~  what do you create? how do you make meaning? what moves through you? where do you hold color and where do you reflect light?

where space and time coalesce

Being present within the depths of ourselves can feel both mysterious and familiar. In this place, there is paradox: we are still, and at the same time, we resonate with all the universal motion that surrounds, cradles, and engulfs us. We often feel very connected to the larger world and yet we are alone. Both relaxed and focused, we could easily lose track of time or feel as if time and space have been momentarily suspended. In this stage of the cycle, nonlinear intuition freely guides us; we enter an altered state of consciousness. Sometimes our discoveries come from kinesthesia, spurred on by a body-felt sensation or an emotional realization. Here, knowledge comes to us on many levels, crossing the senses, shapeshifting from visual sensations to forgotten dreams to fragmented rational memories. In this centered, core state, the learning is often profound and transformational. In this state, we sometimes feel a sense of deep intuitive wisdom and appreciate a capacity for communion with forces larger than ourselves.   ~appalachian arts collective


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