the view from your window


Listen. The Beloved

is singing you a

love song.

Right now, as you

sit inside your house

of bone and flesh,

the Beloved knows

your essence.

Do you hear the

subtle sound of

breath, the bullforg

chorus borne upon

the wind? Do you

experience the

silence beneath

the hummingbird’s

quick wings?

The Beloved never

stops speaking

your true name.

~Danna Faulds

deeply. soundly. holy. truly.

inquiry for today~  maybe it’s time for a new ritual… that soothes….one that reminds you of your best intentions……

living into your life

Over time, as we become more conscious of the rituals that shape us, we become more able to shape them. Thoughts and words are the powerful beginning of a chain that define how we live. Knowledge of what makes a life happy and purposeful means little if this knowledge is not translated into action. Knowing and going. We must do both. What rituals lift your spirit, and what ones may be diminishing it?  ~Gunilla Norris


2 thoughts on “the view from your window

  1. “The Beloved never stops speaking your true name.” How lovely. The view out my window freed me to accept downsizing to an apartment. It looks out into woods and into a bank of tall thick shrubs that stay green all winter and often have to twelve to twenty bright red cardinals perched in them. And when a wet thick snow falls, they stand out like fire birds. What blessings!

    So are your posts.

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