as color drifts


The soul’s palette is a from of internal guidance designed to illuminate your way through life. However, to access that inner wisdom, we not only have to make an opening for our images to come forth; we also have to actively translate this wisdom through exploring their stories and meanings. Your artistic creativity helps you to express feelings, memories, and experiences and naturally helps you to visualize the meaning of what is within.      ~Cathy Malchiodi

and then they arise….these urges to create something new dig in…..and even though all of the other thoughts (you know, those ‘practical’ ones) crowd them out……

the urge remains….

inquiry for today~  how do you trick yourself into emersion in the wild color of autumn? how do you become it?

from down low and deep

You must give birth to your images; they are the future waiting to be born.   ~Rilke

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