where the divine meets your messy life


The trick is to just follow your small moments of curiosity. It doesn’t take a massive effort. Just turn your head an inch. Pause for an instant. Respond to what has caught your attention. Look into it a bit. Is there something there for you? A piece of information? For me, a lifetime devoted to creativity is nothing but a scavenger hunt- where each successive clue is another tiny little bit of creativity. Pick each one up, unfold it, see where it leads you next. Small steps. Keep doing that, and I promise you: The curiosity will eventually lead you to the passion.   ~Elizabeth Gilbert

so the moments of deeper inquiry aren’t really something we plan or make happen through our to-do list of self improvements…….the Mystery is how it happens…isn’t it nice to know we don’t have to do it all alone?

inquiry for today~  how can you allow faith to guide you in a trickier transition today?  what can hold you? support you?

live into it

Your faith is your own personal creation. It is your private covenant with the Source of Life, the One Who Is Breathing You. Based on everything you know to be true from your lived experience, you decide what you are absolutely committed to. If you live from that, dedicate yourself to that, then that very thing will be your living faith. The second step, after you have let go of old beliefs and affirmed your commitments, is to begin a mindfulness practice. This is your time with the Beloved. Your practice is where you breathe life into your soul. It needs your time and loving attention to thrive. So that’s my blueprint for creating a living faith. Nothing to seek. Nowhere to go. It’s alive inside you now, waiting to be claimed, acknowledged, practiced. You are a sacred vessel carrying a bright and holy light. Time now to let it shine.  ~Jan Phillips


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