to engage in your own light


What is the light? You are the light, with your ability to be conscious and mindful, and to act with wisdom and foresight. To serve the light means to show up- by which I mean, to be present- for yourself, as your best and highest self, and to show up for others in your life as well. I remember sitting in the garage with my nephew, who was 6 years old and the time. He had had a few tough days at elementary school and needed an adult to talk to. I had a ton of work, bu in that moment I had an opportunity to be a light for him: to just be there, listen, love, and shine the light of my experience and awareness on the problems he was facing. He relaxed, a sigh of relief came over his lips, and a sense of confidence and composure came back into his speech. That is what being a light is all about. It didn’t take much on my part, just the decision to show up when needed. When the opportunity arises, be there to share your wisdom and to be a light for yourself and others.

~Dawa Tarchin Phillips

when we leave the intellect behind, we find a whole new world…..not so much uninformed as uninhibited….

inquiry for today~   choose to be the one who stands in truth, who listens when called, who knows the tenets of the day to rediscover……..

the witness to spring

As a member of the Zen Peacemaker Order, I have come to rely on what we refer to as the Three Tenets, which are Not-Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Taking Action, as an effective way to hold to the center in any given situation. With regular application, the practice of the Three Tenets can become a way of living from the center at all times. Although the tenets are taken in order when you study them, the practice is not necessarily linear. Each tenet reflects the others; they are seamlessly embedded in each other, flowing as center, circumstance, and action in an ever-unfolding and endlessly varied circle of life. The first, Not-Knowing, can be described as the letting go fo fixed ideas about yourself, others, and the universe. Not-knowing trains you to continually set aside fixed points of view. Bearing Witness to the joy and suffering of the world is the second tenet. When you bear witness you open to the uniqueness of whatever is arising and meet it just as it is. When combined with not-knowing, bearing witness can strengthen your capacity for spaciousness, thus enabling you to be present to the very things that make you feel as if you have lost your center. it can strengthen your capacity to listen to other points of view, thus allowing a more nuanced picture of a situation to emerge. The third tenet is Taking Action. It is impossible to predict what the action in any situation will be, or the timetable for when it will arise or what might result from it. The underlying intention is that the action that arises be a caring action, which serves everyone and everything, including yourself, in the whole situation. Training with the tenets brings about resiliency of the spiritual muscles and an ever-deepening sense of reality. As life unfolds around you, the Three Tenets are active inside of you, always directing you back to the center.

~Wendy Egyoku Nakao Roshi

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