self-esteem vs. self-knowing


A learning mindset isn’t about achieving; it’s about aspiring to keep getting better. Instead of falling prey to the idea that we can or can’t handle obstacles, we can be curious and open. Over times, as you intentionally counter self-doubt with kindness and a learning mindset, your confidence will grow. Whether a circumstance shakes your confidence or you harbor a nagging doubt about yourself, those feelings seem to come from the depths of your being. But through mindfulness, you’re able to touch something even deeper; a trove of natural well-being, and yep, confidence.

sometimes it is more productive to let go of goals and slip into living…..

inquiry for today~   just sit with your thoughts and allow them to be without chasing them….then the clouds slip by……

how aspirations mislead

When we examine our thought stream with mindfulness, we encounter the inner sound track. As it plays, we can become the hero, the victim, the princess, or the leper. There is a whole drama department in our head, and the casting director is indiscriminately handing out the roles of inner dictators and judges, adventurers and prodigal sons, inner entitlement and inner impoverishment. Repeated thoughts and stories are almost always fueled by an unacknowledged emotion or feeling underneath. These unsensed feelings are part of what brings the thought back time and again. Future planning is usually fueled by anxiety. Remembering of the past is often fueled by regret, or guilt, or grief.

With training, we can become mindful of the patterns of thought that condition our perception. The task in meditation is to drop below the level of the repeated recorded message, to sense and feel the energy that brings it up. When we can do this, and truly come to terms with the feeling, the thought will no longer need to arise, and the pattern will naturally fade away.   ~Jack Kornfield




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