the reflecting pool


A showing is a revelation of more than we can see with our physical eyes; it shines into our understanding, schon. The beautiful is that which is revealed. Adn what is revealed?

“Gold luster swimmers and copper red fish

angel nibbling at the shore

and our clay feel walking on water.”

~M.C. Richards

are you a messenger of your own soul? living like the reflection you want to see?

inquiry for today~   how can you be resilient in the moment in front of you? the one reflected back to you from others?

insights offered freely

As we approach Spirit and Spirit approaches us, we must become more like Spirit. If we are to be co-creators, then Spirit and ourselves must share much in common. Meister Eckhart teaches this when he insists that “love can only be where there is equality.” A certain kind of equality must exist between Spirit and us. This helps to explain the depths of suffering and brokenness that we often go through as human beings and as creative people. Such brokenness opens us up to Spirit and makes us freer like Spirit us, freer to welcome Spirit and to recognize Spirit when it shows up and chooses to reveal itself to us or through us. We become instruments of Spirit, or, as Eckhart puts it, “God becomes the place where God wants to act.”  ~Matthew Fox

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