how to be nuanced to now


According to the perennial philosophy the truth lies within, and salvation comes by expanding our inward awareness. To turn attention inward and self-ward and become more fully aware of our inner realms is a natural human capacity transpersonal psychotherapy makes full use of. Learning to live directly from an inner center and from one’s internal sense of things is in itself restorative and healing. However, in most of us, this capacity is blunted.  To develop intuition and know the intrinsic wisdom of our deeper wellsprings, we must relinquish the dominance of our judging, analyzing mind and shift our attention away from its exclusive focus on the objective world. We must become more aware of our interiors.   ~Bryan Wittine

how do you choose your roads? and why the mysterious road? why the one not taken?

inquiry for today~    what road are you on right now? what will this mean in 2 years? in 8 years?

don’t go too far away

I always knew that one day I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know that today would be the day.    ~Nagarjuna

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