nothing better

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When we deepen our perspective from the periphery of ourselves to the innermost core of our being, we enter into fundamental consciousness. We come into unmistakable contact with the luminous, unchanging essence that pervades all forms in nature. This is not just a shift in the depth of our own being, but also in the depth of our relationship with everyone and everything that we encounter. From the subtle core of our being, all of our relationships become intimate and spiritual.   ~Judith Blackstone

where is the core of your being? do you have language for your life?

inquiry for today~   what do you see when you forget about your day to day chores? ask someone you love today, who are you?

close your eyes

We overlook the secret of life because we look for it in the wrong place. When we finally turn attention inward, we discover that we are not who we thought we were. To know ourselves is to recognize that we are far, far more than we believed. It is to exchange our shabby self-image for our true Self and to discover that our true Self is a sacred Self and a doorway to the Divine.

~Roger Walsh

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