the soft animal of your body

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The knowing that comes through focusing is often surprising, and operates from its own logic rather than following in a linear fashion from something previously known. Its signal can be an intensification or a releasing. It can also be a sense of flow, fresh air, opening, expansion, or the like. Our bodies are wise in ways hardly ever acknowledged by our culture. Our bodies carry knowledge about how we are living our lives, about what we need to be more fully ourselves, about what we value and believe, about what has hurt us emotionally and how to heal it. Our bodies know the right next step to bring us to more fulfilling and rewarding lives.   ~Ann Weiser Cornell

when the honesty is truly true….then and only then….

inquiry for today~   this is why you can lean into the support of body and breath……the unknown is rich with undoing and unlearning all that holds us in restraint……

how will I know?

Most people understand a spiritual path to be one that leads upwards and beyond, but Jung was aware that it may bring us back into a deeper and creative chaos, a state of origins and beginnings that allows new life to form, a process of transformation that is a long and wearisome opus, not a brief and exciting rebirth. Some people don’t have the stomach for it and give up. Even some spiritual movements embrace a positive philosophy exclusively, neglecting the role of disintegration in the making of a soul. A religion of one’s own is a process, not a static state, with forward and backward movements. It is rarely a steady evolution.   ~Thomas Moore

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