everything tiny in the moment

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Wise spiritual life brings us to true connection. Instead of attachment, it grows with dedication and care, commitment and courage. It fosters genuine love (rather than attachment), compassion (rather than pity), joy (rather than jealousy), and equanimity (rather than indifference), and each of these beneficial qualities infuse our awareness. They enable us to open to and accept the truth of each moment, to feel our intimate connectedness with all things, and to see the wholeness of life. Whether we are sitting in meditation or sitting somewhere in protest, that is our spiritual practice in every moment.     ~Jack Kornfield

who you are in this moment is up for comparison and shifting moods….but your underlying steadiness comes from the life of your deepest Self…..

inquiry for today~   come to a pause in the most mundane and harried moments of your day today……..feel the palpable readiness of shifting attention……

every little pause

The “self” is always changing, and is completely interpenetrated with everything else in theuniverse. Its very nature is instability. When I recognize this, how can I take credit for the good things “I” do, since “I” am constantly being influenced by the people and landscapes around me? How can I compare myself to anyone else in the world when every force in their universe and every force in my universe came together in very different, yet interpenetrating ways? The magic of mindfulness in the “in-between” moments of our life is that we don’t need any special gear, quiet space, or complex instructions to practice it. We can bring meditation to meet us wherever we are, whatever we are doing, right in the middle of our crazy lives.   ~Yael Shy

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