clustering in shadows

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I don’t think that you have to get all your inner stuff together and totally integrated before you can actually be what you’ve realized. You’re going to wait forever if you wait for that. Just start being what you know now. That’s a scary thing for people, because all of a sudden we come out of hiding- and then everything comes out of hiding. Even for people who’ve had an authentic awakening and realized truth, it can be scary. There are a lot of things that have not been discussed that are put away in the corners. Now we have an awakening and those things we’ve pushed into the corners are just glaring at us. It might be frightening to totally come out of hiding, because who knows what’s going to happen now. Am I going to keep my relationship? There will be certain areas where it feels very risky, like there’s quite a lot at stake. But there must be an absolute willingness to be totally truthful with yourself and with everybody.    ~Adyashanti

begin again to seed transformation…….how will you practice?

inquiry for today~   what insights intrigue and follow you to the kernel of truth?

If you see yourself as separate from everything outside of yourself, then there’s potential to be in conflict with everything. There’s no peace, no relaxation. When you start to free up unnecessary tension in your body and quiet the turmoil in your mind, the illusion of isolation lessens. If you can marinate in the breath and prana, you can move toward contentment and quietude. Then something else is revealed. Practicing asana, pranayama, and meditation can unveil the reality of oneness and wholeness.   ~Rodney Yee


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