our secrets

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The heart brings us authentic tidings of invisible things.   ~James Hillman

how will you stay? how will you lean in?

inquiry for today~  there is no way to experience the full breadth of the heart without trusting our intuitive vagaries…..

do you know your potential?

Your heart field has an identity, something that is more than the sum of the parts. It has a particular shape, even though that shape is in constant flux. It has a particular feeling, even thought that feeling is in constant flu. It has a specificity that you can know as well as you know your hands. By regularly using your heart as a an organ of perception, you become sensitive to its shape and its quality and to every alteration that occurs in that shape and quality. Just perceiving in this way develops your heart as an organ of perception, brings its identity into your awareness. The reflection of the world within its field, and your attention to that reflection, lets you know yourself even more intimately.   ~Stephen Harrod Buhner

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