from soul to ground


Perhaps the greatest irony of healing is that it occurs when we accept our felt experience, rather than rely on willpower or focused effort to get rid of the unwanted. When our felt experience clashes with our self-concept, rather than update our self-concept so that it accounts for out authentic experience, we often respond by suppressing any feelings that contradict our views of how we need to appear if we are to achieve success and acceptance from others. When we do that, the anxiety only grows worse. As many wonderful psychologists have noted, when we stop suppressing our emotional experience, stress and anxiety are invariably alleviated. Instead of the dreadful acting as if there were no fear, we would do well to disclose and own our feelings, for they are every bit as valuable and worthy of attention as our ideas and accomplishments.    ~Josh Korda

and these little remembrances seep into the winter of many blessings and challenges…

inquiry for today~   what inspires you to be real and in the moment this holiday?

the deep reverie

Now the hour bends down and touches me
with its clear, metallic ring:
my senses tremble. The feeling forms: I can—
and I grasp the malleable day.

Nothing was complete before I saw it,
all becoming stood still.
My eyes are ripe, and whatever they desire
approaches like a bride.

Nothing is too small: against a gold background
I paint it large and lovingly
and hold it high, and I will never know
whose soul it may release.


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