in the deepest happiness


The world is bigger than it seems to a closed mind, it is bigger than your memory and opinions. Of course, you will have views and opinions. But it is the clinging to them that keeps you stuck. Lao Tzu notes that “the philosopher is wedded to his opposites.” To be free, Ajahn Chah says, simply step out of the battle. Rest in the loving awareness that is your true home. While you can treasure your values, make room for others. This graciousness will serve you in all the inevitable changes of this mysterious world. In any moment you can take a breath, open yourself beyond your preconceptions, see the world with beginner’s mind. Feel how your body responds when you do, becoming present and at ease, relaxing into the openness. Notice when you are open, how others relax their own defensiveness. Let yourself be curious, loving, and concerned.     ~Jack Kornfield

wide open is the felt sense of well being……our capacity to be human is infinite….

inquiry for today~   reflect on the unshakable sense of returning from the dark…….


Live in joy, in love,

even among those who hate.

Live in joy, in health,

even among the afflicted.

Live in joy, in peace,

even among the troubled.

Free from fear and attachment,

Know the sweet joy of the Way.

~the Buddha


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