how we really live

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Each moment that touches us is a window to the vastness of life. Somewhere along the way, probably from exhaustion, I stopped trying to make these moments last. I stopped trying to keep the wonder from vanishing. I began to see that trying so hard to keep our moments of love, mystery, and wonder from going back into the unseen depth of life is like trying to keep a whale from re-entering the sea once it’s breached the surface. Better to have window that face the sea.

We’re each left to live our days with the window of our heart open, so that grace has a way in. Whenever the majesty of life presents itself, it’s our humble, simple work to open our window and receive it, fully, with gratitude. Ultimately, each of us is a window through which the great forces of life enter, the way light fills a home. Through us, the Source of Life can revive those who are bruised and those who are waiting to find their way. So, hard as it is at times, love your window open, and become the opening itself until your walls come down. When the walls come down, the opening is everywhere.   ~Mark Nepo

when it’s time to find your comfort and support for all that leaves you wide open- who, what, where, when?

inquiry for today~   what practice is perfect for a stormy day? for dropping into winter’s call of quiet?

what you need to remember

Someone needs to encourage us not to brush aside what we feel. Not to be ashamed of the love and grief that it arouses in us. Not to be afraid of pain.

Someone needs to encourage us: that this soft spot in us could be awakened, and that to do this would change our lives.

The practices of Tonglen, sending and receiving, is designed to awaken bodhicitta. To put us in touch with genuine noble heart. It is a practice of taking in pain, and sending out pleasure, and therefore completely turns around our well-established habit of doing just the opposite.

Tonglen is a practice of creating space. Ventilating the atmosphere of our lives, so that people can breathe freely and relax. Whenever we encounter suffering in any form, the Tonglen instruction is to breathe it in with the wish that everyone could be free of pain. Whenever we encounter happiness in any form, the instruction is to breathe it out, send it out with the wish that everyone could feel joy.

It is a practice that allows people to feel less burdened and less cramped, a practice that shows us how to love without conditions.    ~Pema Chodron

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